“Pins and needles” in fingers and legs

“Pins and needles” in fingers and legs

One of the most common times people get that familiar feeling of pins and needles is when their arms or legs “fall asleep.” This sensation usually occurs because you’ve inadvertently put pressure on a nerve. ( this is also known as paresthesia). It resolves once you change your position to remove the pressure from the affected nerve.

Chronic paresthesia ( pins and needles) may cause a stabbing pain. That may lead to clumsiness of the affected limb. When paresthesia occurs in your legs and feet, it can make it difficult to walk.

Treatment depends on the cause of your paresthesia. It may be possible to treat your condition by eliminating the cause in some cases or with gentle manipulation.

You may have a case of chronic paresthesia if those strange sensations don’t go away or they come back far too often. It can complicate your daily life if the symptoms are severe. That’s why it’s so important to try to find the cause.

Whatever the cause, the pain is usually quite restricting. Treatment should be sought ASAP.