Karen Osborne

Karen retrained as a Reflexologist in London two years ago . She is also qualified in Indian Head massage ,Swedish Body and Aromatherapy massage. Fully insured to practice.

Karen has the core belief that the body, mind, and spirit  be treated as a whole. on an emotional and physical level

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese treatment , which was further developed in America in the 20th century.

This is a focussed massage of the reflex points  of the feet or hands. It stimulates the  pressure points that relate to the organs of the body. All of the bodies systems ie Nervous system  are manipulated. Stimulation  of these points protmote health via the body’s energy pathways .

Reflexology can be used to help reduce the symptoms of a number of ailments and illnesses , including emotional problems such as  anxiety, and depression.
Reducing tensionn can help to alleviate  headaches and Migraine .
Relief from aches and pains in general or as part of a condition ie Fybromyalga , Arthritis . Digestive disorders

Benefits include – Elimination of toxins , boost immune system and energy levels  . Increasing circulation. Promote  relaxation  and reduce stress.

Also available Reflexology with Hot Stones . This provides a deeper level of stimulation to help restore the body