Ear Microsuction

Using our services ensures that you have your earwax removed safely, quickly and by a person you can trust. The process is usually over in a few minutes and the majority of people find it easy and comfortable. The process is the safest way to remove earwax as the professional can see everything they are doing during the removal.

Unlike ear syringing or ear irrigation, where ear wax is flushed out without a view of the canal, during microsuction, the canal and the ear wax is being directly viewed with the microscope whilst it is being removed. This makes the procedure much quicker, safer and comfortable for the patient. Other benefits of this type of ear wax removal include:

A GOOD VIEW OF THE EAR……The hearing healthcare professional has an excellent view of the earwax and the ear canal and they can always see what they are doing. Making it safe for you.
NO MESSY WATER USED ……No water is being flushed into the ear canal as happens with ear syringing or ear irrigation. Instead the procedure is performed dry significantly reducing the risk of infection.
SAFE FOR PERFORATIONS …….Unlike ear syringing and ear irrigation, it is safe for people who have a perforated eardrum or mastoid cavity, in addition to any foreign object that may be lodged inside the ear canal
SAFE : Micro-suction is the preferred method of treatment for medical staff and patients alike for guaranteed effective and safe removal of ear wax.

Pain-Free and Quick: Micro-suction is totally comfortable and in most cases, the blockage is removed in minutes.
If you are in a hurry to get rid of your ear wax, you can book a microsuction appointment today as we often have same day microsuction appointments available at our clinic. On the other hand, if you are busy at work all week and want to book an ear wax removal appointment this weekend, we have a number of Saturday microsuction appointments at our Weekend Ear Wax Removal Clinic. Contact telephone: 01778 426000

Whatever the cause, the pain is usually quite restricting. Treatment should be sought ASAP.