Danielle Hall-Smith

After ten years in the teaching profession, Danielle decided she wanted to serve people by helping
them live a healthier life through exercise and nutrition. She retrained as a gym instructor in 2015
and then went on to train as a personal trainer in 2017; specialising in post-natal exercise,
hypopressives and rehabilitation. The brain to body connections fascinates Danielle and she gains
great pleasure from seeing progressive flexibility, movement and recovery from the clients she
works with. Her teaching qualification has ensured that she creates a safe and relaxed environment
where everyone feels at ease and able to achieve.

Hypopressive exercise has been life changing for Danielle as she found herself severely incontinent
after childbirth. With incontinence being such a taboo yet specialist subject, Danielle decided to take
action for her own health and found across hypopressives. Since training she has reversed her
incontinence completely and is now fully functional with a toned abdomen. She has seen many
excellent results since teaching this modality to others such as rectified diastasis recti, low back pain,
stages one and two pelvic floor organ prolapse and improved posture. Being the first to train in
hypopressives in the county, Danielle is excited to bring this exercise modality, that can benefit both
men and women alike, to her hometown of Bourne.
Danielle offers individual and small group hypopressive sessions, personal training sessions and
nutrition consultations. You can also take part in one of Danielle’s Health and Wellbeing programs
which incorporate fitness, nutrition and health coaching.

To book in or arrange your free consultation, please call Danielle on 07770895164 or email danielle@maximumhealthuk.com